Sunday, May 17, 2009

Our McWedding: Part 3 Bubbles & Beer

We had made it through the ceremony. Whoot Whoot! I was now married to Ryan, had not fainted, and no one had heard my growling stomach. All in all, quite a success :0) 

I took a moment to relive everything with my bridesmaids. I love their faces in this picture.  

Laughter is much more our style...

Ryan and I then got to walk out into a sea of bubbles. Since the state park where we held our reception wouldn't allow sparklers, we decided bubbles were the next best thing. I think they made for some pretty pictures

Our flower girl shared 99% of her bubbles with the ground

I just like this picture because the back of my dress looks fluffy and it makes me think of icing and sweet and yummy things. No idea why. 

 Having an "oh my goodness we're married" kiss in a vintage car. But where are we going? 

How about an Irish pub? Since our ceremony ended at 3, and our reception started at 5, we invited guests to stop by my family's restaurant which was conveniently exactly 1/2 way between the church and the reception site.

We decided to stop on in for a drinks (a Guinness for Ryan and a Blue Moon for me)

And some fun pictures :0) 

We weren't sure how many guests (if any) would show up. We were surprised to see about 80 people there. It was so wonderful to catch up and share some laughs with everyone in an fun laid back environment. Plus this meant less running around for us at the reception. 

There were lots of hugs and big smiles

And then we were off again! 

Next up some beautiful bride and groom pics!


All photos courtesy of Kate Leigh


jlc said...

I LOVEEE that you guys stopped in for drinks at the Pub first!!

And I love that second pic of you with your bridesmaid. The fun is just ooooozing out of all your pics!! Love love love them!

Jules said...

That is so neat that you had a pub break in between the ceremony and reception. It looks like it was so much fun!

I love the first 2 photos of you and your bridesmaids and the one of you and Ryan enjoying a cold one!

Jane said...

I love the pictures with your all of your bridesmaids laughing. Priceless!

Sweet Bea said...

This looks like so much fun - I love that you guys stopped in for a drink at your fam's pub!!!

Meagan said...

Blue Moon is my favorite! I love that you went to the Pub! It's great!

Kelly said...

Very fun! I love that you went to the pub. This new background makes your white words very very hard to read though. Just so you know. Maybe use a different font color? Like a darker one?

Ally said...

You had a great photographer! You look great!

Beth Dunn said...

You guys are great. Awesome photo's! I just gave you an award. You can see it on my site. xo

Miss E said...

Awesome idea to stop at the pub for drinks in between and I LOVE the vintage-y pics of you two there. Such great pics!

Happiness Is... said...

I love, love, love that you all did something so laid back and casual on the way to the reception. The picture of you all at the table/in the booth is hands down one of my favorite wedding pictures ever. So fun!

Elizabeth said...

I love that you stopped by your family's restaurant - the pictures there are great! Looks like it was a lot of fun! :)

Prep-E Girl said...

Wait!?! You guys own Catherine Rooneys??!! I was just there a few weeks ago!!! And, I think apres Italian Fest, my husband was there last night!

Small world, small world...