Tuesday, September 6, 2011

You Eat What?

I went grocery shopping today, and thought it would be a good idea to do a quick (ok, well 12 minutes long) video blog about what you can typically find in our kitchen. I am usually asked once or twice a day what I eat, since I have multiple food sensitivities and allergies. I find it humorous to see people's responses (they are usually quite surprised that I can eat anything, and have a hard time figuring out foods that don't contain wheat or dairy). So here's what we usually work with!

Please note that my diet has been continuously, medically supervised over the past three years. This is what works for me, and not necessarily other people. Also, I was not paid to review any of the products that you see in our fridge or freezer. These are just things we buy regularly and are available in the stores near our house.

Also, I feel like most of this video features my hand. Maybe I should have been a hand model a la David Duchovny in Zoolander:

Missed life calling. 

Without further ado:

Anyone craving a blueberry kale shake yet? ;)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Home Is Where The Hokies Are! (Well For Me Anyway)

Oy. There are so.many.things I need to write about, but this has been one crazy summer y'all. I made a job change back in April (more on that later), and soon after ended up taking on the responsibilities of another job on top of mine. That means I'm often working days, nights and weekends, leaving little time for anything else. Job 2 should be ending in the next few weeks (fingers crossed), so hopefully I'll be back on a somewhat normal schedule soon. Phew. 

Anyway, Ryan and I were able to sneak out of town this weekend to catch the season opener of the Virginia Tech 2011 football season! I was beyond excited to be able to catch a game in Blacksburg...it was my first game in Lane Stadium since 2005. I caught games in New Orleans, Miami, D.C. and Charlottesville, but somehow getting back to Blacksburg in the fall seemed to be an elusive goal. This trip was definitely long overdue.   

 One of my favorite sights when you drive onto campus.

 This is Laura aka one of my VT "moms." I was a class officer (you're elected "for life"), and a member of the Student Alumni Association while at Tech. Laura is the advisor for both, and a trip to VT isn't complete unless I see her.

I wish I could have a license plate like this. Probably never going to happen. Insert sad face.

 The real reason I married Ryan...his amazing guacamole and salsa ;) 
He learned the recipes when he lived in South America. Amazingly delicious.

 Yup. You can even get VT wedding bands now. Wish they sold those 3 years ago ;)

 Best ad ever.

 Hokie bird statue.

 Hanging out with my Euro roomies Susan & Meredith. Meredith and I were in the same major, and after two years of classes together, we finally realized that we grew up 20 minutes from each other. Too funny. Susan and I were in the Student Alumni Association together. After graduation, we went galavanting through 11 European countries in 30 days. It was amazing.

 Tailgating at the Manor.

VT Cornhole!
Ryan has great form...sadly he was paired with me. If you know me, you know I have ZERO hand-eye coordination. AKA we lost. Badly.

 Enter Sandman entrance. Best entrance in collage football. 

See for yourself: 

Game time!

25 years of Frank Beamer = 25 years of Awesomeness. 

Yay for Ryan coming to Blacksburg for a game! Boo to spending 30 minutes straightening my hair for nothing. Oh Blacksburg weather. 

There was a lot of this going on. 66 points worth of it. 

Virginia! Best state ever. I hope we can move back there someday. 


Nuts for Hokies. 

So happy that my favorite season is back! Football season!

It was a wonderful weekend spent catching up with friends, walking around campus and watching the Hokies start of the season with a (strong) win. All in all, the perfect end to the summer!