Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Year Two!

Ryan and I celebrated our second anniversary on July 26th. The year was full of a lot of exciting changes (buying our 1st house, getting a puppy, lots of friends getting married or adding little babies to their families, and a new job for the husband), and some challenges (continuing health issues, sick family members, and job insecurity). No matter what happens though, I know and am so blessed to have my best friend by my side throughout it all. I'm very excited to see what year 3 brings us!

We decided to follow in the footsteps of our first anniversary, hopefully creating an easy to stick to tradition. We went to mass at the church where we were married, and then ate brunch on the lawn where our reception was held. In the afternoon we headed into Philadelphia to take in the Phillies game. All in all (minus the insane thunderstorms at the game), it was a wonderful day and the perfect way to remember the day we said "i do" to each other :)

Pretty reception site

Year 2!

Random ring shot

Pretty butterfly in the gardens


Me & Ryan

Wedding shoes! I hope to keep them in good enough shape to wear every year :)

Home Run!

At the ballpark

Yay! My favorite part of the anniversary day!
(our last name is edited out)

Here's to an even happier, healthier and blessed year 3!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Heaven is a place off of Exit 118 B (on Interstate 81)

This past weekend Ryan and I made the 6 hour drive to spend some time with friends at my favorite place in the whole entire world...Virginia Tech. Seriously, life is so much better with maroon and orange fire hydrants and hokie bird images everywhere. Since my husband chose to go to another Virginia university, you'll notice that his image is conspicuously missing from the majority of the photos below.

It was such a wonderful weekend despite the crazy un-summery weather (high 60s and rainy), and we had a great time catching up with everyone. I'm really hoping that we can get down again this fall for a football game. The hubs still has yet to experience game day in Blacksburg, which is just totally unacceptable after 4 years together. Fingers crossed we can make it happen this year!

Exit 118-B to Blacksburg. Ironically, UVA is also located off of an Exit 118-B. My exit is better.

The waiter suggested a prom pose, and we actually obliged. This picture will make me snort milk out of my nose when I stumble upon it 5 years from now. I just know it.

College pride is still carrying your student i.d. 6 years after graduation.

VT pose in front of Lane Stadium. SO EXCITED for football season!

Thumbs UP.

We spent one afternoon enjoying the golf course on campus. I like this picture because it shows off the hubs' sexy arms. Seriously, hugs with those arms make me forgive his school choice.

Happiness is riding in a VT golf cart with one of your best friends!

I may or may not have jumped up and down like a 13 year old girl watching Twilight for the chance to drive the VT golf cart.

Heart. Virginia Tech.

Heart. Fist Pump. Virginia Tech.

Thanks for welcoming us back VT!

This picture was taken for the sole purpose of showing off the maroon and orange skirt I found in a Target (in Delaware) a week earlier. We're taking over the world...

So sad to leave

Asleep on the ride home in my brand new hokie colored Phillies hat. Best purchase EVER.

Until we meet again Virginia Tech....GO HOKIES!