Monday, May 14, 2012

How I Believe My Husband Envisions Our Future Child...

Husband was the lead singer in a 90's cover band in college. He still believes that 1994 was the best year in music. Ever. Want proof? 

Needless to say, I'm fairly certain my husband envisions a baby McNugget just like this kid: 

Yup. Better buy this cd now!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

McNugget's Shower

Earlier in April, my mom and my sisters threw baby McNugget one heck of a baby shower. It was pretty amazing to see how much this little one is already loved by our friends and family! 

 Love that the McNugget is properly addressed on this card :)

 The invite! It looks a bazillion times better without all of the personal info blurred out of course. 

 Me and the sisters

 The room setup at my parents' house. The funny thing about this room is that my mom no longer keeps any furniture in it. We have so many large family events that she just keeps it empty and then fills it with banquet tables and chairs from my family's restaurant whenever something pops up. It sounds kind of crazy, but everyone always has a seat at family functions! 

 The food. Oh my goodness. The caterer made a specific menu just for me so that I could eat 90% of the options. I just requested a plate of foods I'm not allergic too, but she went above and beyond! I cannot even begin to express how wonderful that was. 

The cake! I couldn't eat it, but I could definitely admire it in all of its pretty, ruffly glory!   Mucho thanks to my sister Kristen who couldn't find a bunting cake topper she liked, so she went out and made one herself. I'm thinking of using the flags in a frame with McNugget's name and birth info once he or she arrives. 

 One of my parents' good friends made these cookie favor bags for all of the guests to take home.  How sweet is that!

 Baby's loot. Seriously insane. The generosity of everyone was completely overwhelming. This baby is so blessed! P.S. That brown and black wrapping paper is dog prints, gotta love my Aunt Robin who made sure Bo felt included too!

 Opening gifts (aka the most stressful part of the day). I always feel so awkward with everyone staring at me, while trying not to take too long to get through everything. Also, what the heck is going on with baby toy and product many plastic loop things to cut through to get things out! 

 VT onsies! I think that the current ratio is 4 VT onsies/ 2 VT bibs to 1 UVA onsie/ 1 UVA bib. I fully intend to keep it that way....

 You're not just my friend...your my brest friend...

 All of the guests brought a book for McNugget's library. Love this! 

 Me & My Chirish Twin Steph 

 My old roomie & VT neighbor Ashley 

I also want to give a big thanks to all of my friends that couldn't make it all the way to Delaware for the shower, but made sure that this baby felt extra loved and welcomed! 

Sisters! They love this shot since I finally let them feel the belly. I'm not usually a belly-feeling fan, but they really went above and beyond with this shower, so I allowed it... 

All in all it was an beautiful, perfect day! I can't wait for McNugget to meet everyone!