Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Great Storm of 'Snow Nine

Yesterday Ryan and I hunkered down at home while the massive snow storm that hit most of the East coast came to our town. It was the first time in over a year that both of us had a Saturday off together, and it was absolutely wonderful to be forced to relax and do nothing. We watched Christmas movies all day, and our neighbors even brought us homemade chicken dumpling soup and cake. In short, it was perfect. Today may not be as fun as we have to shovel ourselves out of the 20 plus inches of pretty white stuff, but it was definitely worth it yesterday! 

I took lots of pictures last night and again this morning as we walked to and from Mass. All of the snow makes our town look like it came straight out of a Christmas card. I think I'm in love ...

Outside our front window yesterday afternoon

And the back side

What it looked like later in the evening


Brick wall almost completely covered

So beautiful

The lamp posts in town

Snow on the Green

The Courthouse

Ryan trying to find a path where we could walk


Walking home from Mass

Seriously, isn't this just gorgeous?

More icicles and lanterns

Winter wonderland picture #1

Winter wonderland picture #2

What happened to the car?

Pretty church picture in the center of town

I hope everyone else who was hit by this storm is safe and warm! 

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas in our McCasa

As promised, here are the photos of our Christmas decorations. I'm pretty excited to say that we spent a whopping $50.00 on decorations (including our real tree). Everything else was generously handed down from family members. Hopefully in a year or so, we'll have enough saved up so I can get beautiful matching decorations a la Martha Stewart. But until then, here ya go: 

The outside of our little house. Christmas is a reason for me to put bows on EVERYTHING. I heart bows...

The craft store wanted $3.00 for 2 bows, so I bought a big o' roll of ribbon and made them all myself. 

I love the candlelight in our bedroom. Luckily, in our old town, it is perfectly acceptable to have window candles year round. These babies are staying put! P.S. remind me to share pictures of what an odd shape our bedroom is. 

Pretty garland on the tv armoire. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that in a few years Santa will replace that armoire with a flat screen and a fire place.

Stockings hung on the staircase with love until the said Santa above decides to bring us that fireplace...
Also on the bookshelf you will see Santa, a small nativity set, and the Polar Express (I still hear the bell ;0) ) 

Merry Christmas!

This is what you see when you walk into our kicthen...

This picture doesn't really show how neat this super old door in our kitchen looks. Once the wreath is on it, it feels like Christmas cira 1844. 

Peace & Snowmen inside our kitchen

I love all the Christmas cards coming in! Seriously I get excited driving home from work hoping more cards are in the mailbox!

Another thing Santa is going to bring us one year is a fabulous new dining room set! Until then, I made do with what we have. My mom picked up the Christmas china set from the Christmas Tree Shoppe for $15.00. How great is that? 

This is Pedro. He sings, "Donde esta Santa Claus?!?"
Otherwise known as pure awesomeness. 

I spoke to this weatherman. He's gonna bring everyone snow on the 25th. 

O Christmas Tree! 
I usually like pine trees, but we went with a fir tree this year. I think it looks pretty (and of course it has lots of bows)!