Monday, January 26, 2009

6 months...

Yesterday marked our 6 month anniversary. Whoot Whoot! I guess it's time to start sharing some pictures and details!

Weddings are a funny thing. You spend so much time analyzing bridal magazines for the latest reception ideas, you painstakingly work on the guest list and seating charts, and no matter how hard to try to avoid it, the visions of fairytales and perfect days make their way into the back of your mind. And then the day goes by in a flash. The little things that go awry vanish with the immense joy that you feel from marrying the love of your life. You don't remember who sat at what table, and you have no idea whether or not the DJ or band played all of the songs you requested. You probably won't even remember what the cake that was smashed in your face tasted like. What you do remember are the little moments that became
big forever moments

Like your college roomate who knows everything about you. She flys all the way from England to be a part of the special day:

And your best girlies who decided to create a football tunnel entrance for you to run through:

Or the overwhelming feelings you had when your daddy walked you down the aisle:

And the look your daddy gave you when he gave you away:

Seeing your groom for the first time:

And having the sisters who used to steal your clothes give the sweetest speech ever:

The time your brother, who never gets emotional, walks up in the middle of the reception with tears in his eyes and tells you how happy he is that he's back from Iraq in time to come to the wedding:

Having a special dance with your Pop-Pop, who tells you that your grandmother would have been so happy to have seen this day. You tell him that she's here watching, and he responds with, "Yes, she definitely is here tonight.": 

And laughing hysterically at the end of the night when all of your friends serenade you with "You've lost that loving feeling" :

Definitely spend the time making your day special...after all it is your wedding! Just make sure to never ever forget to take the time to cherish and remember the little things that really matter.

All pictures courtesy of Kate Leigh

Monday, January 5, 2009

Shake Your Groove Thing...Best You Tube EVER

Photo by Kate Leigh

Ok, I'm a little biased. And well, I've never been in a you tube video, so this is super exciting. Anyway, here is the link for the
father/daughter dance at the wedding. My dad is known for his stellar dance moves such as the "popeye," the "rowboat," and the multi-step "raise the roof." It is only appropriate that our dance together reflected his style. I am so excited that my videograpger (the awesome Well Spun Weddings) sent this link to me today. The film is 8mm which is why it is a little fuzzy looking in you-tube form. EEEEKKKKK I love it!!!!