Tuesday, September 6, 2011

You Eat What?

I went grocery shopping today, and thought it would be a good idea to do a quick (ok, well 12 minutes long) video blog about what you can typically find in our kitchen. I am usually asked once or twice a day what I eat, since I have multiple food sensitivities and allergies. I find it humorous to see people's responses (they are usually quite surprised that I can eat anything, and have a hard time figuring out foods that don't contain wheat or dairy). So here's what we usually work with!

Please note that my diet has been continuously, medically supervised over the past three years. This is what works for me, and not necessarily other people. Also, I was not paid to review any of the products that you see in our fridge or freezer. These are just things we buy regularly and are available in the stores near our house.

Also, I feel like most of this video features my hand. Maybe I should have been a hand model a la David Duchovny in Zoolander:

Missed life calling. 

Without further ado:

Anyone craving a blueberry kale shake yet? ;)


Mrs. Classic said...

I would love to hear your dried green bean recipe! I'm guessing it would be good for my candida cleanse. Also wondering if you soak your raw nuts before you eat them. Thanks for your sweet comment on my candida post!

Anonymous said...

wow! what an eye opener! I have friends with gluten intolerences and other food allergies, and I never knew how involved it was!

PS You should totally be a voice over person!

Katie & Ryan said...

@ Mrs. Classic ...responded on your blog :)

@ ourhomeinprogress... it is crazy, but it becomes second nature after a while :) Thanks for the comment on my voice...I'm constantly getting teased for the way I say camera, berry, family, camomile, banana and other words (I pronounce vowels strangely)...hahah. I should probably do that voice vlog next ;)

sophia smith said...

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The Life We Love said...

I would also love to hear your diet! I think that we all have an intolerance. I defiantly know i feel better when i'm gluten free. Although i have never been diagnosed, i can just feel it in my body. Love your blog:)

Ally said...

Wondering how you have been doing since you haven't been around in the bloggy world! Hope you are doing okay!

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