Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Our McWedding: Part 2

Finally it was time to make the walk down the aisle. My Dad continuously reminded me throughout the entire engagement period that this is what he was looking forward to the most.

I wish I could say that I was graceful walking down the aisle (after all us Catholic girls have lots of experience with things such as first holy communion and confirmation). However, I walked at mach speed until about half way down the aisle when my dad had to remind me to slow down. It looks quite humorous on video :0)

Closer picture of the walk

My photographer asked me when I was getting ready if I thought I would cry. I laughed and said absolutely not. I'm not really the crying type. Obviously I was wrong. Like I said before, the feelings of love and support when those doors opened were like nothing I had ever experienced before. Luckily I wasn't the only one...apparently my dad, Ryan, and the priest all had tears in their eyes. (this picture was taken by a friend)

Pretty french buckets lining the aisle

My dad giving me away

Opening prayer

Looking out at everyone who came to celebrate our marriage. It was quite overwhelming (in a good way). I also may have been focusing on how hungry I was at this point, which might explain the straight face...

Old testament reading by my wonderful friend Meredith :0)

New testament reading by Ryan's friend Jim, who also graciously stepped up to be a groomsman when one of our other groomsmen was deployed to Iraq 

Gospel reading. The Monsignor that presided over our wedding also confirmed me in 8th grade. He is amazing and we were so happy that he was able to marry us :0)

Laughing at the funny parts of the homily...yes it included a part about one side of the church being the Hokie Nation and the other side being a bunch of Wahoos...and something about us being there for each other in good times and bad and even during football season. 

Close up of the pretty monogram charm and my death grip on Ryan's hand. About halfway through the mass I started having thoughts about those clips from America's Funniest Home Videos where the bride passes out during the ceremony. Then I became absolutely terrified that that was going to happen. I think this is what sleep deprivation and skipping lunch does to a bride...

Hehehe... my Dad thought the football joke was funny too :0)

Ryan's parents during the homily. Probably during one of the more touching/serious parts.

Finally it was time to exchange vows! Whoot whoot! This is probably the only shot of me actually looking at Ryan because I knew if I looked at him for too long I'd break down into tears (of happiness of course!)

My beautiful bridesmaids looked on :0)

A blessing

And sealed with a kiss!

Lighting the unity candle  

Presenting flowers to Mary. My aunt, who has her doctorate in liturgical music, sang Ave Maria. It was absolutely beautiful. 

One final line up! Our bridal party did an amazing job of remembering all of the times they had to stand up, line up, and sit down. 

One more kiss as the new Mr. & Mrs. 

Finally getting to walk down the aisle together. I did a much better job walking out then I did walking in :0P

We're Maaaarrrriiiiiieeeeddd!

Here is the outline of our ceremony. It was a full Catholic Mass, which was really important to both of us, as Ryan had converted while we were dating (he actually started the process about a week before we met, and I was able to go to most of the RCIA classes with him). The classes always gave us a lot to talk and think about, which I think helped make our relationship so strong. 


Helga Marie said...

the girls dresses are adorable, and I love your flowers, and let us not forget to mention the beautiful bride

Anonymous said...

Everything is simply breathtaking!

Jenny.Lee said...

The church was beautiful!

BLC :o said...

Just beautiful!!!!! Xoxo-BLC

Elizabeth said...

Everything was gorgeous! I love your recaps :)

Jessica said...

I just loved the look on your face! I can tell how happy both of you were! Makes me look forward to my future....

jlc said...

Omg you seriously just made me tear up -- that close up one with you waiting to be given away....

beautiful as always!

Jules said...

Oh, Katie - your wedding photos are so beautiful. I love the pic of you and Ryan laughing during the homily.

Beth Dunn said...

What a beautiful wedding. You look gorgeous. xoxo

Lucie said...

Your profile picture was on a comment you left on a blog that I follow and it caught my attention. I had to come for a visit to see them all! : You have the most beautiful wedding pictures I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing... :)
Have a wonderful life together!!!