Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our McWedding: Part 1

Oh goodness, it has been so long since I have done a wedding recap. Seeing as how today is our nine month-aversary, why not start again? Hmm where did I leave off...oh yes, I was getting into the car with my dad to head off to the church!

Our wedding ceremony took place at St. Joseph on the Brandywine, which is the oldest Catholic Church in the Diocese of Wilmington (built in 1841). It really is a beautiful church, and it was the perfect place to get married. 

Here's what was going on at the church while we were on our way:

One very handsome groom was having some fun photos taken with his groomsmen. It appears they are trying to look like GQ bad boys in this shot.  In reality they are the sweetest guys you could ever meet.

This is one of my favorite shots of the boys.

Ryan looking very happy to get married.

Our ring bearer was obviously totally oblivious to what was going on. The photographer found him hidden in a pew playing with his toy car.

My Dad and I arriving at the church. Because the church is so old, there was no room to wait in. I was told I could either wait in the limo, or wait behind a divider in the entryway.

I chose the divider. Bad move. I could see everyone coming in and could hear them talking. Something about that made me so unbelievably anxious. Not anxious about getting married of course. It just heightened all of the emotions of the day. All I wanted to do at this point was get to Ryan. 

Luckily I didn't have to wait too long. Soon the music started and my brother escorted our mom down the aisle. 

Ryan's brother followed suit escorting their mom down the aisle.

Our moms at the altar after lighting the unity candle. 

The boys are all lined up (in reverse order). This way each groomsman would greet a bridesmaid, file into the pew and then Ryan would be left waiting for me and my dad.

Finally...sweet sweet freedom from behind the divider :0)

The flower girl and ring bearer getting ready to make the trip down the aisle. I made an on the spot decision to pair them up with my maids of honor (my sisters). Since they were both pretty young, I had some reservations about them getting nervous while making the walk. Best decision of the day. I seriously recommend this if your young attendants are under 4.

Handsome little ring bearer getting ready for his big moment. 

Smooth walk down the aisle. Success! I bought the ring bearer pillow here. It was made from an vintage wedding gown, tied with light blue vintage ribbon and topped with an antique key. I absolutely loved it, and figured it counted as "something old."

Precious flower girl making her way (again successfully) down the aisle. Random note- I bought both the ring bearer outfit and flower girl dress on sale from a department store after Easter. For any brides out there, this is a great alternative to the expensive outfits found in boutiques. 

Close up of super cute flower girl! Like the pomander? It's fake. There was no way I could justify spending what the florist quoted me on flowers for a 2 year old. Especially when they would be carried like a purse ;0) I purchased it on etsy here. The quality was amazing! It seriously looked real, and the flower and ribbon colors were customizable. 

 I just had to include this shot. This is the super sweet limo driver who made sure my train was all straightened out. That's what I call going above and beyond! 

Finally it was time. Cannon in D started softly playing and the doors flung open. I still remember the sound of those doors opening today, and all the sudden being just overwhelmed with feelings of love, support and excitement. It was one of the best moments of the day. 

Next up: A walk/almost run down the aisle, and the ceremony begins!

For all you new readers, here are the re-caps in order: 

P.S. So many people gave me a hard time about getting married in July because of the heat (the high was about 77 the day we got married). Well here I sit 9 months later in APRIL in 90 degree weather. Lesson of the day: the mid-atlantic region is a fickle beast. 

All pictures courtesy of Kate Leigh


M and G said...

Gorgeous! I love old churches!

Helga Marie said...

wow, just looking at your pictures caused me to get choked up.
you were a stunning bride!

jlc said...

LOVE the one of you hiding behind the divider!!!

And Ryan is VERY happy groom. These are all amazing pics!

swangsta said...

My fave one of you might be the one of you hiding behind the screen -- adorable. I miss you K Mac :) And happy 9-month ann!!!!!

Miss E said...

So pretty! I love the old church...we just don't have anything like that in Arizona. There's just a reverent feeling in an old church, you know?

You look beautiful - and so happy! I love the pic of you hiding behing the divider :)

Polka Dots & Protein Bars said...

What a beautiful, beautiful wedding! I love your dress, and the shot of the ringbearer in the pew is too cute!

Jessica said...

I loved this post - everything was so beautiful!

Jenny.Lee said...

I love wedding recaps! ;)

Belle on Heels said...

you had a wonderful photog!! i love these pics, especially the one of the ring bearer in the car. although i guess her job was pretty easy with such a beautiful bride and groom!

Jules said...

Beautiful wedding pictures! You looked amazing.

Brittany Ann said...

You had a beautiful wedding, and you looked so gorgeous!