Monday, April 2, 2012

Why We Went Team Green

This spring is totally kicking me in the backside! Not four days after recovering from the stomach flu did I catch a nasty cold.  A nasty cold, which conveniently turned into bronchitis this weekend (because, as you all know, all the doctors offices are open on Saturdays....). I ended up having to go to a a walk-in clinic (after appropriate pregnant break-down of course), but luckily the doctor I had was super nice (and an OB!...what are the chances??). I'm on an antibiotic now, but still feeling a bit crummy. All I've been capable of doing the last few days is watching NCIS marathons and emailing my friend Steph about bacon related food stories. Can I blame the second part of that sentence on being pregnant? I hope so.

Any prayers you can send my way would be greatly appreciated! I would love to feel like a normal human being again, and I'm sure this baby would love to feel like they didn't live in an earthquake zone. It would be pretty awesome if I didn't have to quarantine myself for the next 11 weeks.

Anyway, I figured I'd tell you all about why we decided to not find out whether our baby is a little boy or a little girl. We get pretty mixed reactions when we tell people we don't know what we are having. People either think it is a great idea or that we're completely crazy. I think either way is just have to do what is right for you. But in case you were wondering, here are the reasons (in no particular order) we didn't find out...

- Neither of us is super set on having a boy or a girl. I think if one of us felt that way, we would probably find out, but since we're happy with either way, it isn't as hard to wait 40 weeks.

- We also don't have any name issues. We have two girls names and two boys names that we both really like, and we're going to wait until we meet the baby to decide on a name.

- I'm too type A and practical not to have lots of gender neutral stuff. We're hoping to be blessed with more than one mcnugget, and I'm all for things that can be used and (re) used.

- A lot of comments we get are based on concern over us not having enough appropriate clothing. Considering that this kid is joining us in the summer, I'm not too worried about this. I'm thinking a lot of white onesies will do :)  I'm also fairly confident that my shopping addicted sisters will fully take care of all gender related clothing needs within seconds of this child joining the world.

- Even though there are a lot of parts of pregnancy I wish I could pass off to my husband (non-stop morning sickness for 18 weeks, insomnia and general uncomfortableness), he doesn't get to bond with the baby the same way I do. He wasn't the first one to find out that we were about to become a family of 3, and he will never know what it feels like when you feel those first baby kicks. So, I love the idea that he is the one that gets to announce whether we have a son or a daughter. Just thinking about it makes my overly emotional heart melt.

- My mom had four kids and never found out what she was having with any of us. And we all turned out ok! Well, for the most part...

- I think in today's world where so many things are instantly attainable, there aren't many true surprises. And this is one of those surprises that I think will be very hard to top!

So, that was our reasoning. Only 78 more days to go!


Ally said...

How exciting!

Mrs. C. said...

Those are really great reasons! I especially love the one about letting your husband announce whether it is a little girl or boy. So very sweet!

Miss Sweet Tea said...

I think that is so neat that you guys are not finding out the sex of the baby! I have always thought that would be so cool to do, but I'm not sure I would have the patience to do it myself! I especially like that your husband will announce it - I think that will be extra special for him!

Aliya said...

More power to you! Even I got a little emotional when you said about Ryan announcing! I have zero patience... like zero. ZERO. AND, I'm a total planner. So I would never be able to wait but I love hearing about people that can/do because I really think it's wonderful! I told Hubs if we have a 3rd maybe it'll be a surprise since we have one of each now we can't use the "we need to shop" excuse :)

Happiness Is... said...

I can get behind every single one of those reasons!