Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nursery Artwork

While I wouldn't say we went with a strict theme with the nursery (which is sadly still in the same shambled state as it was in the video below), we did want to share our love of travel with our little one. With a bilingual father, a mother who has been to more countries than states, and lots of "adopted" Aunts who have been all over the world (that one is for you Steph & Colette), we're hoping that this baby picks up an immense love for adventure. Plus, travel related artwork is fairly gender neutral, which definitely helps, and we can re-use all of these things in a playroom later on if we choose to do so.

As of right now, here are the prints that we have purchased:

I love you / Italy 
From here

I love you / Germany 
From here

I love you / Ireland
From here

I had a great experience with this seller, and she even matched all of the prints so that we could get them in similar colors. I placed them in the oh-so-popular Ikea Ribba frames, and they look great! 

Because Ryan hopes to do one parent, one language with our baby, I wanted to have some prints that were in Spanish. I ordered the following posters, and hope to order more fun stuff from this shop in a couple of months: 

Spanish Letters Poster
From here

Spanish Numbers Poster
 From here

I haven't ordered this print yet, but I love it so much, I'm hoping to order it soon. Seriously, this shop has so many adorable prints that would work well in nurseries. 

 From here

Additionally, I think we'll try and add a globe or a world map somewhere in the room. We're also planning on hanging some colorful origami cranes over the changing table as a DIY mobile. Hopefully it will all come together soon! 


asj said...

new follower from Mama Monday's so excited to follow along now - I'm due May 15th so it'll be fun to see another baby close in age to mine grow up! :)

Lexilooo said...

I love all of those prints, they are just darling!