Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Real Bo vs Fake Bo

Sometime a few weeks ago, Ryan and I headed on up to Ikea for the Swedish breakfast of champions and some shopping. Mostly because 99% of all furniture will not fit in our bedrooms since our staircase and hallways were built for the itty bitty people that lived in the 1800s. I won't even get into that time when we moved in and had to cut our three month old box spring into four pieces and then put it back together again. Lets just say that furniture that doesn't come assembled is a necessity for our living situation.

So, anyway, we're at Ikea looking for the ever so popular poang rocker and some picture frames, when I come across an oversized golden retriever stuffed animal. I had to have it because obviously this child needs a Bo replica in their nursery. Realizing that there was no negotiating, Ryan just put the massive thing into the cart and off we went.

A few days later as I laid in bed miserably contemplating my hatred for all things sick related, I decided that I needed to have a Bo visit. Normally Bo isn't allowed upstairs, but sometimes I cave in. And he's so good about not coming upstairs, that it takes three whistles to get him to visit you. The first whistle he ignores, the second he gets up and sits at the bottom of the stairs and the third whistle he bounds up in excited glory because he's being allowed upstairs. Then he flys around the bedroom, comes to you for some attention and then lays down in a contented heap.

So I whistled the appropriate 3 times, and was greeted with a very happy puppy. After petting him, I assumed he was laying somewhere on the bedroom floor, and I dozed off. Not five minutes later did I hear this awful growling coming from the hallway. Seeing as how our dog rarely barks, let alone growls, I was really worried. I flew out of bed only to find that someone had spotted fake Bo in the nursery, and was NOT HAPPY about it.

Obviously, we decided to film Bo's displeasure (poor dog):

Needless to say, fake Bo is now in the closet and real Bo is quite happy about it. And don't worry, he got lots of hugs and reassurance that he is the number one dog in our life :)


Belle on Heels said...

Oh my goodness, hilarious!! I can totally see our dog doing this. So glad you got it on film!

Lindsey said...

That is so funny!!