Sunday, September 16, 2012

Vacation Dreaming: Galway, Ireland

Summer is most definitely drawing to a close, and while I'm excited for football, apples, and pumpkin spice, I'm already thinking about next summer when we hopefully get to go on vacation again. While we did a few day trips here and there this year, I'm dreaming of getting away from it all and exploring the world while holding Ryan and Fiona's hands. Since that time is a bit of a ways off, I figured I can live vicariously through some of my pictures from last year when we traveled to Ireland for my Dad's 60th birthday. In what was probably the last family vacation we'll all take together, since there are sure to be many more spouses and babies in the near future, my parents went all out and rented a wonderful house in Galway, Ireland. It was absolutely perfect, because everyone could come and go as they please, or hang out together if they wanted. We spent many days walking around town, driving to other cities in southern Ireland, and spending quality time together. Cheers to an amazing trip, Dad!

Here are some pics from our time in Galway: 

This was a welcome sight to see considering we were flying the same airline, and leaving from the exact same gate, as the flight that almost caused me to miss my best friend's wedding a few weeks earlier...

Saint Anne's Place: 

I still miss my maiden name. 

Welcome pastries! 

Ryan in the library. Don't be fooled by the big book he's's Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire. 

The family! Laura, Mom, Dad, Kristen, Joey & Me 
(yes, my sisters and I look exactly alike even though I am 4 & 6 years older than them, respectfully).

Ryan cooking a birthday dinner for my Dad. Major son-in-law points for that one. 

Birthday Chicken & Potatoes

No meal would be complete without birthday cupcakes!

Beautiful Galway: 

Leprechaun Door. 

Walking to Salthill 

My amazing siblings. Me, Laura, Kristen & Joey.

Irish Beer Tasting (lets be honest, that is the number one thing to do in Ireland). 

Tea time!

Ryan calls this his, "That's not a Guinness" photo.

Pub love.  


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