Friday, July 27, 2012

Whirlwind Week

Phew! The past week was a bit crazy (but so much fun!). In the last seven days, Fiona has met six great-aunts, three great-uncles, one aunt, one uncle, ten first cousins once removed, and three second cousins (yes, it took a lot of googling to figure that all out). She also took her first vacation to the shore and her first trip to the zoo. I feel as though I need a vacation from the vacation. Kudos to all of you who do this with more than one child!

Here's a quick timeline of how it all went down:

7/20-  Ryan's aunts and uncle visit on their way from Rhode Island to Virginia Beach. Try to figure out this whole packing for a trip with an infant thing.

7/21- We head out to Sea Isle City, NJ for a short vacation at my parents' beach house. We left after Fiona's 9:00 AM feeding (we're doing the moms on call schedule), and arrived just in time for her 12:00 PM feeding. I adore this schedule because I know what is coming. She slept almost the entire ride. This is in complete contrast to the story my mom and aunt still tell me about my first trip to Sea Isle when I was 6 weeks old (it was apparently that traumatic). Dear God, please let her stay a great traveler! Love, Katie. Because we got there before the renters were out, we hit up the Cape May Zoo (which is absolutely adorable). Fiona slept the whole time. Of course, that didn't stop us from taking pictures of her in front of the animals.

7/22- Some of mom's side of the family does a Christmas in July family reunion. I believe that there were about 30+ people at the house.

7/23- Relaxed inside. I think I made it down to the shore for a few minutes? Im not's a bit of a blur. Ryan worked from the house during the day and then left to go home that evening. Contemplate just how much protection will be needed for my fair, red-headed child when she can really go on the beach next year. Decide to invest in sunscreen companies.

7/24- Fiona turns 6 weeks and decides to comprehend the craziness of the last few days. She refuses to nap more than 5 minutes. Thankfully she wasn't cranky or sad, just wide awake...ALL DAY LONG. Because Ryan is home and everyone else is on the beach, I try to MacGyver ways to use the bathroom and eat. Pat myself on the back for not buying the expensive bathing suit to cover my postpartum body, because it obviously is not going to get any use.

7/25- Eat breakfast at Sunset Pier. Take a quick trip to Stone Harbor for some shopping and time with my mom. Drive home alone with Fiona after her 6:00 PM feeding. She starts crying as soon as we pull up in front of our house. Say another prayer of thanks, and then give myself another pat on the back for surviving my first 2 hour trip with her alone.

7/26- Ryan's brother, Kyle, and our sister-in-law, Colleen, come to visit. I adore them both so much and feel beyond blessed to have such a great brother and sister-in-love (she's like the older sister I never got to have!). We wish so much they lived on the east coast so we could see them more often! Oh, in the craziness, we almost's our 4th anniversary!

7/27- Breakfast with Kyle and Colleen before they leave. Fiona goes on another nap strike. Counting down the minutes till bedtime. Thankfully she's super cute to look at.

And here are some pictures for a visual:

 A Papa, A Zebra & A Fiona-phant

 My dad likes to ask my daughter if she went to Tony's last night. Tony's, incase you were wondering, is the dive bar he and his friends went to in their 20s. Yup. I decided that making this onsie was an appropriate way to start off vacation. P.S. I love that having a baby makes using puffy paint totally acceptable again. 

 This was my dad's reaction. 

Because, you know, we were at the Jersey Shore. 

 Second cousins! 

 Me and my baby at the beach. I hope she learns to love it as much as her Papa and I do. 

 Beach Kisses. 

 1st Family Vacation Picture :)

 Fiona turns 6 weeks! (weekly block idea from Oh! Apostrophe). 

 Breakfast at the Pier. 

 Fiona with her UVA Aunt and Uncle

Ryan and his brother with Fiona. Yes, his brother looks like Ty Burrell

Ryan- Thanks for four years of awesomeness! Marrying you = best decision ever. 

And of course, the best result of our marriage :)


Happiness Is... said...

She's getting so big!!

Ally said...

So glad you guys are doing well. Happy Anniversary! I love that we got married a week apart. Fiona is so cute. I showed Brian the bikini onsie pic - so cute. I am also glad to see you in some of the pics! You look great!

Colleen said...

I think you are simply amazing, my dear! I've learned more about being a mother from you....and I'm the one with three kids! :-) So much love. xoxo