Thursday, June 28, 2012

Personalized Baby Gift Love

I originally wrote this post about the book below, but then I went out to get the mail and received another awesome personalized baby gift, so I just had to write about that too!

Last week Fiona received her first piece of mail from her wonderful Aunt, Uncle & cousins in Indiana. Since she is our first child (and I'm going stir crazy from being trapped inside due to the heat waves), I took a picture to document the occasion (plus her first piece of mail was much more exciting than her second...her social security card):

Inside the package was the most adorable book, called "My Very Own Name" by I See Me Inc

The book is personalized with her birthdate, and it tells the story of how the woodland creatures went about choosing the letters to make her perfect name (first and last). Here are some pictures from her book (you can also take a tour of a sample book layout here): 

I am seriously obsessed with this book and read it to her about once a day!

I am also completely in love with this gift which was sent to Fiona from my friend Ashley and her family:

Seriously, how adorable is this little block?! We had to push back her newborn pictures until early next week, so I'm hoping this gift makes it into a few shots :) 

P.S. I don't have any affiliations with I See Me Inc. or; nor was I reimbursed for these reviews. I just love these products a bunch, and thought they may be a great idea for any of you out there that have a new baby or need a new baby gift. 


Happiness Is... said...

That is my FAVE baby gift to give. Seriously. I give it all the time. Just so you know, they run specials all the time on their website and we got Thatcher the "first Christmas" one which was also adorable.

asj said...

love that block! I might have to order one for Penny!