Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Honeymoon Take 2 Pt. 3: It's A Nice Day For An (English Countryside) Wedding!

We woke up Saturday morning feeling refreshed after a good night's sleep. We decided to take another walk through the town, grab some breakfast, and then get ready for the big event. It was a bit rainy, but we kept our fingers crossed that it was just morning showers and it would clear up for the wedding (it did!).

We started the day with a cup of tea and some pastries (for Ryan) at hOwGiLLs Bakery & Tea Room, and then walked to check out the church where the wedding would take place. The church, Saint Andrew's, was built around 1130 AD. It is technically a Church of England parish, but they have an agreement worked out with the Catholic Church, where a Catholic priest says mass at noon on Sundays, on holidays, and for sacraments such as marriage.

 Beautiful flowers already decorating the church gate!

 Wedding today? I think I have to be there...

 Rocking my dress from the night before & my new pretty pink umbrella. If Kate Middleton can recycle dresses, so can I! Hmmm, I wonder what Kate would do if she lost her luggage...

 Walking in the rain.

 I love everything about this shop.

 This makes my heart break into a million little candy pieces.

 I think this guy is smashingly handsome! I say smashingly, because, well, it sounds more British.


 See that hill? I believe the groom and groomsmen ran up it the morning before the wedding. The wedding planner in me had heart palpitations over possible broken legs. Luckily, everyone survived.

 Ryan and I stopped in this cute little centre, where I met more of Colette's relatives (an aunt & uncle from Indiana). I'm pretty sure the town was 90% wedding guests that weekend. I also found an sheep ornament that said, "Ewe Are My Sunshine." It may or may not be my current most prized possession. 

After our walk, it was time for a quick lunch at Duo Cafe, where we ran into even more wedding guests!  I was initially very nervous about finding places to eat because of my food allergies, but I would say that the restaurants in Sedbergh were even more aware and accommodating than most restaurants in the U.S. It was a huge relief!

Soon it was time to get ready and head off to the ceremony! The rain cleared, the sun came out, and the church bells announced that it was time for a wedding to take place!

Wedding Bells for James & Colette!

Time to make it official!

Pretty Topiaries! 

I'm pretty sure my heart swelled a thousand times with pride & love when Colette walked down the aisle with her dad. Doesn't she look so very beautiful and elegant?!

Teary dad, Teary daughter= Teary Guests

Colette was quite possibly the most excited bride ever. She would make eye contact with a guest, then break out an enormous smile, as evident in the picture above. There was so much joy in this little church. 

Right after the marriage license was signed. In England, signing the marriage license is part of the ceremony. I wish we did it this way in the States! It's such a nice tradition. 

Mr. & Mrs.!

Handsome Groom & His Beautiful Bride!

We were all given cones of flower petals to throw. It made for some stunning pictures!


Petals & Lace.

After the ceremony, the bride & groom led the way as we all walked through the town and up some hills towards the cocktail reception at James' grandmother's house. Seriously, does it get any more amazing than that? 

Luckily Colette had her sister & James' sister to help carry her train! 

First walk, hand in hand, as a married couple!

The wedding guests followed along. 

Soon we were heading down a little lane towards the cocktail reception! I would like to take a minute to give Past-Katie a pat on the back. At the last minute, I threw a spare dress into Ryan's garment bag, just in case I wanted a choice of dresses for the wedding. This meant that I had two items of clothes to wear while without luggage. Past-Katie, you are awesome. 

Finally we arrived at the cocktail reception, and were greeted with lots of champagne & delicious hors d'oeuvres! Cheers!

Next Up: Cocktails, Sheep, Dinner & Dancing!

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I love the detail and love you put into this post. It really captures the day perfectly! xx