Tuesday, May 31, 2011

File This Under...My Dad Is Awesome

My dad has always been my hero, and I like to think that we've always shared a special bond. When he found out that my mom was pregnant with me, he told everyone that he hoped he would have a daughter and that he wanted to name her Katie. He got his wish, and exactly one week before his birthday, I came into the world. I think it is so great that he wanted a daughter, as almost all guys I know pray that their firstborn is a son. My dad...always marching to the beat of a different drummer. He's always been so patient (which is near impossible when you have four children in six years), loving, supportive, intelligent, hard working and creative. He started out as an 8th grade teacher (probably where he learned that virtue of patience), and now runs four successful restaurants and a consulting business. Nothing was ever impossible to him, and he's instilled that mindset in all of his children. I was always pretty picky when it came to guys, and I know why...it's because my dad set the standards sky high. Luckily, I was able to find someone who met them! 

But, enough with the sappy stuff. Let's be honest...my dad also knows how to be the life of the party. For example: 

One of my dad's signature dance moves. He's also known to break out the "raise the roof," "sprinkler," and "pop-eye." No occasion is to small for his dancing skills. 

So, this past weekend, when my dad turned 60, we knew it was go big, or go home. So, we all piled into  my parent's beach house in Sea Isle City, NJ (and I do mean all...I think we had 13 people there), and geared up for a big celebration. And what did my dad want to do for his big 6-0? He wanted to do a bar crawl, and visit all of the places where he bartended back in his glory days. 

But, we knew it had to be a proper bar crawl, and nothing says bar crawl like a theme. See, my dad started going gray when he was in his 20's, and was completely white by his 40s. He also made sure to pass that gene down to all of his kids (thanks Dad!). Somewhere along the line, when my brother was in high school, he and his friends bestowed the nickname "The Pearl" upon my dad, to honor his amazing (lack of) hair color. So the theme for this big shindig went something like this: 

Yup, all the guys (minus my Dad & Uncle) wore white wigs, polo shirts and boat shoes. It's a standard Pearl look. 

This is my Dad & my brother. My brother is a "Pearl-in-Training."

 Ryan & Middle Sister's BF walking to our 1st stop. Be honest...who doesn't want to find their 20 something, white haired soul mate at the Jersey shore?

 Middle Sister's BF, Brother, Dad, Brother's Friend, Husband, Uncle at La Costa

Next stop...Ocean Drive...don't worry, my brother will continue to make faces in all the pics. 

 Me & The Pearl

 Not quite sure the husband has mastered the awesomeness of rocking snow white hair. 

 Dad & Husband

 This was in a bar called Shenanigans. It was by far the most "Jersey Shore" bar. 90% of the patrons wore their sunglasses inside. We felt like we had to fit in.

 Why we never sent out "family portrait" Christmas Cards. 

 This would be a cute picture if my husband didn't look like a white haired muppet

 Not your everyday boardwalk sight. 

It's like looking into a crystal ball and seeing my future. 

 As the day progressed, so did the state of the hair. 

 I'll love you in good times and in bad, I'll love you if you go bald, gray or white...

Middle, Oldest, Youngest

 My dad photobombed our sister pic. PRICELESS. 

 I have to wonder what people thought when they walked by and saw this scene.

Sailing off (not really) into the sunset with my wannabe white haired husband. 

We all had such a great time, and followed up the evening with an amazing BBQ. I even found the recipe to my grandmother's Applesauce Cake, and surprised my Dad. It was such a great weekend, and I hope we don't have to wait until he turns 70 to celebrate like this again!

Happy Birthday Dad! I love you!

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Pam said...

How did I miss this post... I got all misty reading about your relationship with your dad and full on laughed till I cried at some of those pics! Looks like he had an awesome birthday!